Cookie Decorating

Cookie Decorating

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Cookie decorating includes cookies, frosting, sprinkles, knives & to-go bags

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Tumbeler Cookies Baking Class

Basic Kitchen Tool Use

Activity: One of the first requirements to becoming a chef is knowledge and skill in the use of culinary tools and equipment. Basic tools and equipment will be shown and discussed. The students will learn how to identify each by its correct name with the proper spelling, and their use in food preparation.

Materials required: Kitchen Tool Handout

Kids prep/supplies: Study Kitchen Tool Handout

Basic Measuring Conversions

Activity: Conversions in both English & Metric systems.  However, this is not a lesson on either the English or Metric system, but rather this is an explanation of how to convert from one unit to another unit within the same system.

Tools required: Measuring cups and measuring spoons

Materials required: 1 gallon of water to practice measuring

Create Cookie Dough

Activity: Learn & combine the ingredients used to make cookie dough.

Tools required: Mixer, spatula, measuring cups, measuring teaspoon, storage container (provided by the Hood Kitchen Space)

Materials required: flour, sugar, butter, shortening, eggs, vanilla, baking soda and salt (provided by Tumbeler)

The Science of Baking Cookies

Activity:  Video to show the science of what happens when combining all the ingredients

Bake Cookie Dough

Activity: Work at the Hood Kitchen Space

Tools required: Oven, baking sheet, spatula and cooling rack

Materials required: Cookie dough 

Kids prep/supplies: cookie storage