Tumbeler Cookie History

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Growing up I didn’t know what to give someone for their birthday, so I decided to bake homemade cookies. After years of baking for family, friends & co-workers I decided to take a risk and start a cookie business.

My passion for cookies grew in 2013, when I began working out of the Hood Kitchen Space & selling at the local market.  It was then I decided to be very creative, since anyone can make a chocolate chip cookie.

The traditional Tumbeler sugar cookie leaves an impression on people’s taste buds & I get extremely excited about the next cookie masterpiece. Although I am very scared and nervous about starting a cookie company, I am very curious about the amazing, unique cookies in my future.

Yours truly,

Cookie Scientist Tumbelliná

P.S. I built this website.  It’s not that great because I create Tumbeler cookie masterpieces!  If you have trouble ordering please call 260-225-3830 to order direct from a cookie concierge. 



Special thank you to Isaac Fatigoni for the gorgeous photos.  For more information about the photographer visit http://www.fatigoniphotography.com